May 08, 2013

New Trending; Apa Lagi Cina Mau...(?)

Two days after Barisan Nasional won a hard fought 13th General Elections and with allegations of foul play still rampant, Malay daily Utusan Malaysia sparked a huge uproar when they published several stories blaming the Chinese for dividing Malaysia under the controversial headline "Apa lagi Cina mahu?".

As Netizens go online to vent their disapproval, there are also Malaysians who have managed to see the lighter side of things. They took to their social media accounts to make the hash tags #ApaCinaMahu and #ApaLagiCinaMahu trend on Twitter. In fact, #ApaCinaMahu peaked at number two on the Malaysia Trends list.

Here are some of the funniest entries we found on Twitter:-

  • cina nak Najib pulangkan gendang yang dia simpan selepas main masa tahun baru cina tu.. 
  • yong tau foo. Coz everyone wants yong tau foo. I want yong tau foo. Dammit im hungry.
  •   I want a light saber and I want the Darth Vader theme to be played every time I enter a room... with a confetti shower!
  • Very amusing responses. Apa Lagi Cina Mau? Yang pertama, haramkan Utusan. Yang kedua haramkan MCA dan ketiga, budjet untuk sekolah Cina. Apa India mau? Haramkan MIC dan halau Hindraff keluar. Bina kuil di merata tempat dan kurangkan harga daging kambing.  Emmbekkk........!!
  • #ApaCinaMahu =we want Malay daily Utusan Malaysia to SHUT DOWN , Cause it's RACIST...
  •  I simply love Malaysian Chinese. they have a good sense of humor to throw the joke back to the morons. how about it, Utusan Malaysia? that doesn't end well with you guys, doesn't it... 
  •  Utusan grow uplah man....macam budak-budak punya editinglah....give Malaysians some slacklah man....we are not small,, manusia juga ma...semua rambut sama hitam ma....darah merah juga ma....keputusan sudah keluar terima saja le...bikin apa menuding jari....
  •  To Utusan Malaysia : You listen carefully, is not apa Cina Mau Instead You should ask Apa Rakyat Malasyia Mau . As Media for many decade in Malaysia and yet reported in your paper with Nonsence . ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVOKE ANOTHER 13 MAY ?

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